Risk and opportunity go hand-in-hand. Whatever the size and remit of your company, Risk Evolves can help you prepare to face the challenges and seize the opportunities inherent in twenty-first century business.

Our team bring their expertise into your business, granting you the freedom to innovate and the confidence to grow.

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The new General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in May 2018. GDPR will affect your business. We can help you understand the law’s specific relevance to you and to how your business works.

Let us help you achieve GDPR compliance in advance of the last-minute rush and show you how to maintain on-going vigilance to protect against data breaches, potential fines and reputational damage.
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Risk management matters

Failure to understand risk and plan ahead can lead to far more than simply financial loss for your company: the whole future of your business may be put in jeopardy as your reputation suffers and repair and recovery takes further time and resources.

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Our experts; our expertise

Our team of industry specialists ensures availability of the right blend of skills to provide tailored, cost-effective solutions for any given project. In addition, our partners offer ready access to high-level consultancy skills to meet any contingency.

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From SMEs to corporations

Regardless of size, sector or industry, we work with you to understand your business, to plan effective strategies and to gain and implement appropriate certifications to help protect your company and give you a competitive advantage.

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Risk is one of the few constants in the uncertain world of business; it comes in many forms and can affect your organisation, regardless of size, sector or industry. It can occur internally or externally and can impinge on every aspect of your organisation. Its impact ranges from minimal to catastrophic.
But for an organisation to evolve and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, it must take risks. We can help you balance the risks that pose a threat and the risks that offer opportunity.

A cyber breach doesn’t only result in financial loss: the future of your business is put in jeopardy as your reputation suffers and repair and recovery takes further time and resources.

Our FREE cyber-healthcheck survey will help you see where your business is at risk.

Throughout your company activity, every person, every process, every supplier and every asset has a role to play: each is a cog within the complex mechanics of your business. If one cog fails to function as it should, your business machine cannot work efficiently and effectively.
At Risk Evolves, we work with you and your team, using our own risk identification evaluation and management process to assess each element of process and production and analyse its role within your organisation; we identify the interdependencies and pinpoint any potential weaknesses or single points of failure. We then draft appropriate action plans and work with you to implement these effectively, preparing your business for the future.
The GDPR and the rules for you, the ‘Data Subject’ Confused about the GDPR? Surely not… With so many blogs and training courses everyone is an expert… Do you really understand GDPR and the rules for you, the ‘Data Subject’? So when GDPR comes into force (in May 2018) our data will be better controlled and […]
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What is Cyber Essentials?  For the 3rd successive year we have recertified to Cyber Essentials and IASME…. And in the same week we assisted two other companies achieve their Cyber Essentials Certifications. Just what is Cyber Essentials?
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Just who is responsible for GDPR in a company?… Everyone starting at board level down… GDPR In The Press There was a flurry of press coverage, interviews, radio and TV coverage recently as the ICO began their campaign to make businesses and other organisations aware that there is now less than 200 working days until […]
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What is the NHS Cyber Attack? Today (12th May 2017) news broke of a massive NHS Cyber Attack that has had catastrophic impact on our NHS, leading to a major incident being declared. Operations have been delayed or cancelled, patients have delayed being discharged from or admitted to hospital, prescriptions have not been issued, A&E […]
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