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The 4 Essential Business Risks For Every Business Owner Must Know

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The 4 Essential Business Risks Every Business Owner Must Know

Whether you are an SME or an international corporation, you will have been and are exposed to business risks on a daily basis. Unfortunately, no business is immune regardless of its size or industry presence. Risks and issues come in many forms including Financial, Operational, Supply Chain and Cyber. Each type of risk or issue is as detrimental to a business as the others.

The word risk seems to be becoming commonplace in our daily conversations both in and out of the office. The concept of risks and issues can seem confusing and these terms often used interchangeably. Those in the know are guilty of assuming that people know what risks and issues are and how much they can impact a business.

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We discuss what is ISO9001 and why is ISO9001 important

What is ISO9001 and why is ISO9001 important?


What is ISO9001 and why is ISO9001 important for my business? 

‘What is ISO9001 ?’ and ‘Why is ISO9001 important for my business ?’ are two of the most common questions we get asked by our clients, so we thought we’d put this handy blog post together. The ISO9001:2015  – frequently asked questions.

What is ISO9001:2015, and why is it important? 

ISO9001 is the world’s leading quality management standard. It’s at the heart of many other national and international certifications to help an organisation improve it’s overall performance.

The standard had it’s origins back in the late 1970’s in the form of BS5750. Since then it has evolved, becoming an international standard in the 1980’s. When the standard was first developed it was used predominantly by manufacturing organisations who recognised that if there was a process for manufacturing ‘widgets’ in a standard, regular way, then the cost of rework, fix and repair would fall. In other words, if quality is managed correctly in an organisation, then it will save you time and money. Since then the standard has changed and will deliver not just cost savings, but also improvements in customer satisfaction, a more resilient organisation, a better relationship with your suppliers and the supply chain, and demonstrate that you have strong corporate governance.

So why all the fuss over ISO9001:2015 ?

Given the World continues to change, there is a requirement for all standards to reflect the current business environments.  The quality standard is no exception and is reviewed on a regular basis. The lastest review culminated in the issue last year of ISO9001:2015.

What if I have the old version ISO9001:2008?

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